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Our perimeter security products comprise integrated software, sensors, cameras, and alarms that are strategically placed around a property. These sensors detect motion or breaches, triggering cameras to capture footage and alarms to alert the authorities. Secure your properties with our perimeter security products today.
Perimeter Protection

Outdoor Detector

Protect your valuable property with our outdoor detector solutions, employing PIR, microwave, or hybrid technology for comprehensive security. Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, our detectors offer robust intrusion detection, ensuring utmost peace of mind.



PIR Detectors

Detect every move with our PIR Detectors, the vigilant eyes safeguarding your space. These motion sensors ensure swift and accurate detection of intruders, boasting adjustable sensitivity and weather-resistant design. Embrace heightened security effortlessly with this advanced technology.


Gsm Alarm Use

Beam Detectors

Cut the cords and embrace seamless security with our wireless detectors. These versatile sensors offer flexible placement and easy installation, ensuring reliable intrusion detection. With adjustable settings and long battery life, fortify your space effortlessly with this innovative technology.


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