Enhance property protection with our advanced and comprehensive gate automation systems. Our systems offer remote gate control, integrating seamlessly with advanced security measures. Experience the convenience and safety of automated gate operation, ensuring fortified security for your property. Trust our reliable solutions tailored to provide comprehensive property protection.

Fire Rated Rolling Shutters

Ensure optimal safety with our fire-rated rolling shutters that protect against fire hazards. Our shutters are customizable and designed with high-quality materials that are durable and functional, assuring an effective barrier. They safeguard the occupants and your property during emergencies, offering peace of mind and enhanced security.


Rolling Shutter Automation

Embrace seamless security and convenience with our cutting-edge rolling shutter automation, where protection meets effortless control at your fingertips. Perfect for homes, malls, and individual shops, it enables effortless security in your space with remote or smartphone-controlled operations.


Glass Door Automation

Experience seamless elegance with glass door automation: sensor-based openings, smooth sliding, and modern aesthetics, enhancing your space’s convenience and style. From sleek entrances to hygienic healthcare, automated glass doors ensure smooth flow, leaving smiles and no fingerprints on every pane.

Gate Automation

Sliding Gate Automation

Sliding gate automation brings convenience and security to your doorstep. It effortlessly opens and closes gates with a remote, enhancing safety for homes and businesses. Our sliding gate automation lets you enjoy features like remote access, sensor-based operation, and seamless integration for a worry-free entry experience.


Swing Gate Automation

Explore our advanced swing gate automation system, seamlessly blending modern technology with effortless operation for enhanced security and convenience. Ideal for homes and estates, effortlessly control gate access via remote or smartphone, adding protection and charm to your property.


Tyre Killer

Deter unauthorized access with the silent bite of tyre killers. These steel guardians protect your property with a gentle yet effective tyre deflation system. No more unsightly cones or flimsy barriers, just discreet control over driveway access. Invest in peace of mind, knowing uninvited vehicles get a firm, fair reminder of boundaries.



Explore our robust bollards—a fortress in disguise. With sturdy construction and advanced retractable functionality, it defends against unauthorized access while allowing seamless entry for permitted vehicles. Safeguard your perimeter with style, strength, and peace of mind, always ensuring your property remains secure and protected.


Boom Barrier

Meet our sentinel of entry points – the boom barrier, an emblem of security and efficiency. With swift, automated control, it regulates vehicular access seamlessly. Boasting durable construction and intelligent technology, it safeguards your premises while ensuring smooth traffic management and a guardian at your entryway.

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