Fire Protection System

Product Name:Fire Protection System

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Egaa is a comprehensive analogue addressable fire detection solution with a set of features that make it one of the most advanced fire detection systems available - all without the need for cable. The devices communicate with the CIE using secure, fully compliant, dual frequency signalling. Egaa Fusion can be networked wirelessly and can support up to 8 control panels and in excess of 4,000 wired or wireless devices delivering ultimate flexibility and choice!

Egaa Group's Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Egaa Group's Wireless Fire Alarm Systems are designed to help fire system installers and fire system engineers remove the need for hard wire fire systems and are simple to install. Packed with features that leave most "hard wired" conventional systems behind, these Wireless Fire Alarm Systems offer true addressable information with almost total user control over set-up and operation.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems are an answer to fire protection of major construction sites where wired options may pose a significant problem due to the difficult and challenging installation environment. Egaa Group’s Wireless Alarm Fire Systems are an ideal solution; as control panels, call points, beacons and sounders can be quickly and inexpensively moved as each construction and fit out phase is completed. There is no need to install and continually move expensive fire-rated cable.