Biometric Access Control

Product Name: Biometric Access control

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The New Generation of Smart Devices in Biometrics for Access Control enhances building security, internal communications, and employee management , at a significantly lower total cost of ownership than previous biometric systems for physical access control. Whether being used to access a building, secure restricted locations within, or for time and attendance management, biometric authentication technology has come a long way. Just a few years ago, the debate surrounding biometrics was focused on whether biometrics were accurate and could handle large populations, among many other operational issues. Today, these arguments are closed: the focus now is on enhancing the value associated with accurate and secure biometric authentication.

Today, biometric security devices do much more than authentication: they also provide the right level of security, at the exact places needed, and are able to adjust dynamically the level of authentication necessary for ever-changing threat levels. These capabilities only increase in importance as modern physical access control systems also begin to converge with other building management and communication devices. To manage employees, visitors, and contractors better, and protect important areas -- executive floors, data centers, and research labs -- more companies are deploying physical security systems, video surveillance cameras, and time and attendance systems.

Main Features

  • Excellent industrial design and graceful appearance
  • 32-bit CPU with low power consumption and high processing speed
  • Human voice prompt for easy operation
  • New generation waterproof and dustproof inductive optical fingerprint sensor with a long service life
  • Core algorithm for fast and accurate comparison
  • Support data download via USB flash disk, communication via USB, RS485 & TCP/IP for data transmission
  • Optional RFID or Mifare module for combining card identification with fingerprint identification
  • Wiegand input/output, doorbell, 2-call relay output, door sensor signal interface, high expandability
  • Multiple identification modes to ensure data integrity and security, i.e. via fingerprint, password, and card
  • Capacity: 3,000, expandable